38k Indicated Miles
5.5-Liter V12
Six-Speed Manual Transmission
Verde Silverstone Metallic over Tan


Adding to this car's mystique is an incredible providence. It was originally purchased by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 1995 and owned by him until 1999.

British Racing Green, a V-12 under the front hood, it must be a... Ferrari! This 1995 Ferrari 456GT is the Italian take on the classic grand touring concept that delivers equal parts of style, power, and comfort. Hand-stitched leather seats and interior surround the driver and passengers with timeless craftsmanship while delivering modern amenities (circa 1995 of course...) such as air conditioning and an 8-speaker stereo system.

A six speed manual transmission delivers the Ferrari's V12 through to only the rear wheels in the classic GT layout. The car's heart and soul is the 456 cubic inch (ahem... 5.5 liter) V-12 engine, which puts out 436 horsepower, positioned the car to be the most powerful regular production car offered by Ferrari in 1995. The Grand Touring design with a longer wheelbase allows for a smooth ride while maintaining hyper-legal road speeds for hours on end.


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